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GalLogBot FAQ

What is GalLogBot?

We have created GalLog Bot as a Gateway to relay information that we collect about Star Citizen on our website to Discord. Basically any data you can find on the website, usually is also available via a chat command in the discord bot.

Can I add GallogBot to my own / my orgs discord server?

Yes, anybody can add the bot to the servers they manage.

You can use this direct invite link.

What are the available commands?

Send !help to the bot and he will eagerly tell you about his features and commands. 😉 To get detailed help on an individual command and its parameters, type !help followed by the command name.

Help, all messages by the Bot appear to be empty?!

Make sure that the bot has the permissions to send links and embeds to your discord server. Additionally your own view preferences in discord may disable "link previews". Those are necessary for the rich visual features that the Bot uses.

I have found a Bug / something does not work like expected

If you run into any issues, please let us know over in our Discord Server in the #bugreports channel. We are always eager to improve our tools and their usability.

Also if you feel that any feature is lacking or could be improved, feel free to leave us a note in the #tools-feedback channel 🙂

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Created by Shorty01, July 2020