Star Citizen - Cheap Effective Headtracking

Star Citizen - Cheap Effective Headtracking

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Star citizen supports Head Tracking via TrackIR Protocol. The TrackIR functions by placing 3 infrared lights in a Triangle pattern attached to your headset and a Infrared camera which is tracking those IR lets as dot to see which direction your facing and the location of your head itself. This can be achieved with similar if not better accuracy with Open Source Software and cheaper hardware.

The Hardware

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Sony PlayStation 3 Eye Camera Can be found on Amazon and through used Console stores for around 3 to 10USD


Given the device can do 640×480@75 fps, its perfect for tracking your head at a very high rate and accuracy.

The Headclip I use the DelanClip from Delan Engineering: It’s perfect for TrackIR itself or OpenTrack. Is made of nice durable materials and you just plug it into your USB port for power.

The Software


Windows never had a driver for the PS3 Eye. so it was left to the community to make one. Device drivers for PS Eye camera. 64-bit OS: 32-bit OS: There are also other alternative drivers.


Open Track 2.3.10 Download:

Open Track is the Perfect replacement for the TrackIR software, It uses the trackIR protocol as well as many others. You just need to pick your camera and Start Tracking. If your game supports TrackIR, the game name will appear in the Titlebar of OpenTrack.